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What is The Food Ark?

The Food Ark is a student led-and-run 501c3 nonprofit founded in the summer of 2014, and we are driven by the need to eliminate food insecurity. The success of our youth starts from being nutritionally fed. 

What is the problem?

Food insecurity is the condition of an area in which the population cannot access or receive adequate food in terms of quality and quantity. This is caused by a lack of resources on a supplier and consumer standpoint.


The United States, alone, is wasting 40% of its perfectly edible foods. The fact that this food waste is happening alongside food insecurity is deeply troubling.


Our vision is to turn around the status quo and balance our food insecurity equation.

How is The Food Ark tackling this?

Our aim is to educate the communities around us so that students and families may engage themselves with the Earth and move society's "sustainable future" towards the present. We recognize that food insecurity isn’t something that we can solve overnight, for it is an issue that aligns itself with other issues such as poverty, domestic dissonance, obesity, lack of a living wage standard, education, stigma, etc. 


Each of our chapters is designed to involve students. Gardens spur both conversations and actions towards fighting food insecurity in a sustainable and lasting manner. We do this by partnering with organizations and the like to bring the community into the schools and the schools into the community. Volunteering events, speakers, fundraising events, forums, and more, are created for our peers to help them become more familiar with the depth and the prevalence of food insecurity. 


Each chapter has its own unique community and projects. This ranges from hydroponics, partnerships with other local organizations, and greenhouses. Check out each chapters page to see what they're up to!

How can I be a part of this?

  1. Join an already existing chapter at your high school/college!

  2. If you don’t have a chapter at your high school… be the one to create and lead one!

  3. Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on our community events! 

One thing that we at The Food Ark value above everything else is flexibility for our leaders and volunteers. We would like you to use and express your own talents, interests, passions, to further the fight for food security. There is a spot for everyone and anyone to join the team!

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