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The Food Ark has organization wide service projects and partnerships it maintains to stay connected to the Triangle Area's needs and to introduce clubs to food insecurity. Each year we have a variety of new projects and pilots! These are independent of chapter endeavors which are their own and can likely be found on their social media.

The Seeds Project

The Seeds Project is a service project the Food Ark initiated in March 2021 in collaboration with Green Magnet Elementary School. The Food Ark provided a class of 30 third through sixth graders a pot, soil, and lettuce seeds. Every other week, the Food Ark would teach a nutrition or plant science related lesson to the kids through to the end of the semester. The finale of the curriculum would be the preparation of a nutritious recipe with the lettuce planted at the beginning of the semester. 

Fresh Lettuce

Innovation Challenge

Our annual grant competition where chapters of the Food Ark submit proposals for a project with a budget of $750.00. Presentation date is March 6, 2022.

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