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Mobile Food Ark

The Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation brought to the Triangle the Fresh Food Challenge (link this - check the current MFA page for these links) early 2016. We became one of the finalists for the $25,000 grant to go towards implementing an innovation that works alongside Oak City Outreach Center and Clark's Promise to bring healthier options to the homeless community in Raleigh.


The Mobile Food Ark was an innovation that a team of Food Arkers developed that would solve the issue of lack of healthy and fresh foods for the homeless in Raleigh with a food truck that served as an “on-the-go farmer’s market for free”. The Food Ark partnered with Interfaith Food Shuttle to get this idea on the floor and logistically feasible. In the end, the Mobile Food Ark proposal was given an honorary 2nd place. Although we did not get the grant money to implement the idea, we were the only high schoolers to be competing against professionals, which reinforced our hope that youth these days are so powerful and effective.


Here are a couple of links to what the MFA is:


We have used this experience and idea to inspire ourselves to think outside the box while tackling problems. How else can we innovate in this area of the world? If you have ideas, please contact us!


Also, if this inspired YOU and you would like to bring the Mobile Food Ark idea into your area, let us know! We will share with you all the rest of the proposal.

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