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Community Garden

In alignment with our school chapters, we are now creating our very own Community Garden for the organization with starting funds from our fundraising dance with CAM Raleigh, CAM Jam, from June 2016!


Our Community Garden will be located on the South side of Downtown Raleigh at 1119 S Wilmington St Raleigh, NC. The concept is that we will be working alongside our neighbors and community members so that each family/individual has their own plot to grow food in. We will be connecting organizations, businesses, and/or other individuals and groups to different plots to sponsor. One of our main goals for this community garden is to build relationships between and across communities in order for us to all come together to reach a common goal in bettering our food system.


We are partnering with local organizations such as Passage Home and Neighbor2Neighbor. If you are a business, individual, group, organization, or school, and you’re interested in partnering on this endeavor, please let us know!


Our current launch date is planned to be the Spring of 2017!

For progress updates, please check out our Facebook page

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